Waffle and Wolf

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413 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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I just inhaled the #25 with walnuts baked into the waffle. I have considered ordering from Waffle and Wolf before but was, honestly, a little unsure about the whole concept of eating a waffle burrito-style. But, after one bite, I'm sold. The fruit was hot and fresh, the goat cheese was very complementary to the lavender honey (omg so good) and the walnuts in the waffle blew my socks off. Also, I ordered and received my food in 20 minutes. The delivery guy was really nice. All in all, really good experience. I will order from here again. Maybe later today.
Lindsay (11 reviews | 402 orders)
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Carrie (1 reviews | 105 orders)
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Delivery is quick and packaged well. I love W+W, especially #9 sandwich. However, this menu needs more detail ... I would never pay $2 for an 8oz sparkling water (the large ones are the same price!) and the apple cider is HOT (I was really looking forward to cold juice.) These details would make the whole ordering experience 100%.
Janean (1 reviews | 64 orders)
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